linley henzell's dungeon crawl is a harsh game - but a fair game! it was inspired by nethack, whose ever-expanding list of features means players need to balance stacks of data on the game and its developers' in-jokes in order to play well. linley henzell wanted to create something leaner and more balanced, something that wouldn't sag under its own weight. and crawl is that game. it's logical, consistent, and straightforward - but the game is so tight that there's little room for error. subsequently the game can be daunting to new players - it can be hard to find a foothold. once one's got a basic handle on how to play, though, the rest is fairly straightforward. it's in this interest that i provide the following

dungeon crawlthrough

this is a visual guide to crawl, the story of the life and death of a single adventurer in the dungeons of crawl, illustrated with screen captures. it's just a quick tour of the upper dungeon, but it should hopefully be enough to make the game more bearable for novice players. one thing this tutorial does not cover is conventional magic - players interested in playing magic-users should read this additionally. this game was played with the windows version of tile crawl, a beautiful and useful graphical reskinning of the game, which is also available for linux and - courtesy friend and comrade alice lee - for osx. keep in mind that the following is written with players of the graphical tile version in mind, but most of the strategy should be applicable to any version of the game.

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page 1 fable the centaur hunter
page 2 a hobgoblin gives chase
page 3 more monsters do battle
page 4 a giant bat is slain and butchered
page 5 scrolls of magic are read
page 6 an enchanted robe is donned
page 7 sickness and healing
page 8 a shield and a snake
page 9 more scrolls are revealed
page 10 appearances deceive
page 11 dancing with the worm
page 12 a party of gnolls intimidate
page 13 a wand is fortuitously discovered
page 14 curses and cures
page 15 more scrolls still are read
page 16 poisoned needles make light work
page 17 a centaur is lured
page 18 identities revealed
page 19 the nature of a zombie
page 20 the ecumenical temple
page 21 sacrifices to okawaru
page 22 a ghost town
page 23 the warmaster lends strength
page 24 a jelly gives pause
page 25 fate at last catches up